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Here you can find the immigration stories of men and women who migrated to or within the European Union:


I was born on November 16th, 1968 as the fourth child to my parents in Narmak, a suburb of Tehran. My father was a floor tiler, my mother a housewife…

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“Mordi Precious, Nigerian, came to Italy in 2011 from Lybia.” My Name is Precious Mordi, I was born in 1989 and I am Nigerian, I hailed from Ubulu-Uku precisely…

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“Yagoub Kibeida comes from Sudan and was granted asylum in the Netherlands. He currently lives in Italy, where he works with refugees and asylum…

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This text is only available in German: Thatd Titze arbeite als freiwilliger Helfer in Ungarn. Dieses Jahr stellt mich auf die Probe und stärkt mich, denn ich erfahre, wie…

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During our meetings with social work partners in Toulouse, we had a comprehensive analysis on the question of “How to work with migrants?”…

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The French delegation MIEU project is particularly interested in the situation of the German expatriates who left their country to accompany…

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