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Migration – Methods

The current methods of the Diaconia Valdese social workers with asylum seekers and refugees are based on two fundamental concepts: empathy and support.

Asylum seekers and refugees come from countries with very problematic political and social conditions and arrive to Italy through agonizing and difficult journeys. Within Diaconia Valdese, social workers’ and volunteers’ way to approach these people is based on empathy – the feeling that should be transmitted is that they are now well received, with all their unease and insecurities that come from their individual stories.

At the same time the coworkers and the volunteers use methods which focus on supporting and on giving importance to the single person. The point of these methods is the leading of those people on the way of their regain of an independent life in the arrival land. They have to give to every single person the basic knowledge necessary to find the way in the daily routine, to know all the habits and the way through administration and departments – basically everything they need to settle in the new area.