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Migration – Positions

Unconditional support and acceptance in assisting migrants

L’Entraide Protestante of Toulouse, as all members of the Federation de l’Entraide Protestante (FEP), anchors its activity on the principle of unconditional acceptance for all, including of course for the migrant, who is our brother. Sign of our humanity, this unconditional acceptance is a requirement but also a responsibility towards those we are welcoming.

Pastor Olivier Bres has written precisely in the booklet entitled “Hospitality, an opportunity to seize!:

“We live in a world of migration, on the way to an unpredictable future. Migrants who cross the seas and deserts to come to us, are a sign of this future being fostered. They question who we are and what we want to be with them.” ( FEP, 2013, p.3)

As the Hebrews through their journey in the desert , these cross-borders migrants come to us. We open our hearts, minds and hands to welcome, listen, support, … and meet these children, youth and adults. These migrants are hurrying towards us… towards the appointment of life. No, they are not enemies to fight and they are no objects to manage, they are no animals to park. They are our brothers, our sisters, they are us!