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Position Italy

Migration – Positions

Position Waldensian Diacony

The Waldensian Diacony and the Federation of the Evangelical Churches of Italy are of one mind.

„The immigration policy is a barometer of the state of democracy and of the respect for Human Rights within a State. Our Churches must remain vigilant and become a leading actor in the protection of the rights of every human being“


With these words, the Federation of the Evangelical Churches of Italy (FCEI) – to which the Waldensian Diaconye ahas developed different projects aimed at facilitating the reception and integration of immigrants, asylum seekers and political refugees.

These projects follow two main guiding lines. According to the first guiding line, Reception and Integration, the meeting and exchange spaces should remain open to all immigrants, who need to communicate with each other, ask questions, receive information and support along their path towards social integration, within the world of work and regarding the relations with the others.

The second guiding line, The path towards active citizenship, deals with the issue of the reception of migrants in accommodations and facilities and with the aid provided to the refugees and asylum seekers along their path towards autonomy.