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DE_Ehrenamt_Erfahrungsbericht_HeinzWeilerFoto300 Experiences Germany

Heinz, 62: It was always important to me to do something new and to spend time with people. This is why I chose to work in “legal support” – admittedly a very demanding type…

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Ehrenamt-Erfahrung-Ungarn Experiences Hungary

This article is only available in German: „Ich habe auch gelernt, dass die Beziehungen die wichtigsten Dinge im Leben sind. Für immer bleibe ich dankbar…

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Foto_berthin_Ehrenamt_Erfahrungsbericht_Valdese300 Experiences Italy

Berthin Nzonza comes from Congo-Brazzaville. He is now a recognised refugee in Italy and the president of the association Mosaico – Action for Refugees…

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Foto_Gyoparka_Ehrenamt_Erfahrungsbericht_Valdese300 Experiences Italy

Gyopàrka Lenk: „I first heard about the programme of an Ecumenical Diaconal Year when I was at University in Hungary. At the time, I was sure that I wanted to…

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Foto_Gyoparka_Ehrenamt_Erfahrungsbericht_Valdese300 Experiences France

Catherine Bouloc: “It is necessary to listen, to be available and efficient while doing our best to understand the culture and experiences of the person who…

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