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Volunteer – Methods

How does l’Entraide Protestante work with the volunteers and benevolent workers?

The volunteer, who are recruited or who voluntarily join l’Entraide Protestante, are welcomed and encouraged to invest and engage in activities according to their own will, their expectations and their own expertise in the various activities ranging from assistance, support or listening to the handling of administrative or organisationnal tasks.

However, they are invited to have thorough discussions with the President of the association at the beginning of their commitment and all throughout their investment in the various activities proposed. These times of sharing and discussions are done to assess the level of motivation and commitment of the volunteer and to see him how his activities can be modified or adjusted in order, of course, to better meet his needs. These discussions also help to make a recall of the values ​​of l’Entraide Protestante, if necessary to do so.

The volunteer is also invited to training sessions organized by the association, by the Fédération de l’Entraide Protestante or its network partners. These trainings represent an opportunity for volunteers to meet people from other organisations, as well as professionals with whom links can be built and maintained.