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Volunteering for the respect of human dignity

Besides of very specialized activities, which require a certain level of technical skills, such as dealing with housing schemes and monitoring the follow-up of specific social services, l’Entraide Protestante is also positioned on other types of schemes: Food and clothing aid or the organization of various events or temporary employment form part of the activities done by volunteers. These volunteers are usually members of the United Protestant Church but they are also issued from the network of partners of l’Entraide Protestante.

L’Entraide Protestante has a lot of volunteers today who are mostly women but there are also some men, all reflecting the spirit and the values of the association based on respect and promotion of human dignity , solidarity and consideration for people.

L’Entraide Protestante provides an uplifting opportunity to volunteer for charity actions and people are encouraged to engage, depending on their availability and skills in various activities. The benevolent workers therefore find a place to live an enriching experience because l’Entraide Protestante aims also at providing a proper framework for benevolent activities through training, conferences and seminars.