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Diaconia Valdese

Diaconia Valdese During the last years The Diaconia Valdese (Waldensian Diaconia) developed a wide volunteer programme, which can be divided up in two big categories:

  1. Full-time long-term volunteer work, especially for young people, national or international, both the taking up into the social structures of the Protestant Church in Italy and the dispatching to the international partners net. This category encloses the Servizio Civile Nazionale Italiano (Italian National Voluntary Service) and the Servizio Volontario Europeo (European Voluntary Service) and other forms of social volunteer work.
  2. Occasional volunteer work, which in general expects a two hours employment per week over a short period of time as well as over some years and the employment of different-aged persons, who work especially at a local level. These volunteers are almost always AEV members (Associazione Evangelica di Volontariato – Protestant Volunteer Work Association), that guarantees an insurance to everybody.

Foto1_Ehrenamt_Position_ValdeseVolunteers of both groups are brought into the duty and the projects with the refugees and the emigrants led by the Diaconia Valdese, the Federazione delle Chiese Evangeliche in Italia (Protestant Churches Federation in Italy) and by the local churches.

The volunteers support the social workers in the activities of support and integration of the refugees and the migrants and often contribute significantly to the creation of a territorial network, which helps their social inclusion. However, professional specific-skilled figures are indispensable for some activities (for instance the legal and psychological support).

Some volunteers collaborate as Italian teachers for migrants and refugees, with good results.

Volunteer work can be also seen as a way of integration and skill development for the refugees and the migrants who, as they participate in projects with volunteers, might sometime collaborate themselves to make the inclusion process of other migrants easier.